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About Micro ITG India Ltd.

Micro ITG India Limited is a ISO 9001:2008 company based at Ranchi Jharkhand, India. MIIL is a leading provider of end to end GIS and Remote sensing services. MIIL based on provider specializing in the areas of Geographical Information System, Remote sensing, Topography Survey, DGPS Survey and Total station survey.

The Company

Micro ITG India Limited is a Ranchi based company provides solution for geographical database with GIS (Geographical Information System) Technology. We propose the development of a comprehensive spatial database that will improve the use of Geographical Information System in West Bengal and take it to the leading edge of the information technology. G-Lution India offers the best of skills and experience in GIS operations, no matter the level of difficulty. Our unique approach to GIS work will stand the test of time. Our motto is to achieve "Spatial Excellence" in Enterprise GIS;

  • Vision of including GIS in the mainstream of the education system in lieu of changing the future of India at large.
  • Make future of Information Technology simple and more useful for common people, through the development of Enterprise GIS.

We Aspire

  • Excellence in data conversion and analyses using Geographical Information System.
  • Develop software of Geographical Information System that would be used by students to achieve their goals.
  • Enhance the use of Enterprise GIS.

What is GIS?

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computerized database management system for the capture, storage, retrieval, analysis, and display of spatial data or data defined by location. The types of information involved may include census data, natural resources, transportation data, land use, housing data, and other data sets that are relevant to the business needs of the organization. Once this information is gathered, it can be analyzed and displayed in any number of configurations to allow the user to better discern underlying patterns.



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