Drinking Water & Sanitation Department

Project Name: Drinking Water & Sanitation Department
Client: Government of Jharkhand
Project Commencement Date: February 18, 2017
Project Completion Date: January 25, 2018
Project Place: Jharkhand

Micro ITG Enterprises are successfully done 15 locations different Blocks of Jharkhand, Project for Drinking Water & Sanitation Department, Government of Jharkhand. MILL has collecting longitude and latitude, elevation help of total station survey for  Intake Well site,  pipe routes, WTP site, ESR/GSR site, location of the school, hospital, AWC, etc with RL and distance and all other details, etc. MILL has Preparation GIS-based  L-Section from Intake Well to WTP location and also WTP to ESR/GSR location, along with Contour Map of source showing Intake Well/WTP/ESR/GSR locations & Line diagram showing Intake Well to WTP and WTP to ESR showing length and elevation.