Topography Survey for RWSS

Project Name: Topography Survey for RWSS
Client: Government of Jharkhand
Project Commencement Date: February 18, 2017
Project Completion Date: January 25, 2018

Topographical Survey for “Preparation of feasibility studies and DPRs for full coverage of drinking water to rural/urban population in the in the state of Jharkhand.”



Micro ITG Enterprises has done 50 Scheme for Topography Survey for RWSS Project of India.

  1. Scope of Work:

The detailed scope of work for Conducting Topographical Survey for 190Km (Tentatively) is given below.

  1. Topographical survey (DGPS/Total Station Survey) and preparation of GPS/ GIS based (topographical) map (Contour and “L” and “X” Sections etc.) of villages indicating village boundaries, all the streets, roads (width of road and carpet details/ type of road), electric pole, transformer, Telephone poles/lines, drain, sewer line, important government buildings/ PRI, schools, Anganwaries, temples etc. existing water sources such as open wells, hand pumps, OHT, clear water reservoir (CWR), WTP, Chuan, natural sources, ponds, recharging structures etc. including habitation of the villages by total station survey method on suitable scale, marketing latitude & longitude of all the water bodies and recharge structures of village using land held standard GPS/Total Station device of desired accuracy on the base map of village with given requisite details these water bodies & structures. Also ascertain SC/ST/ Adiwasi and other reserve category population.
  2. Preparation of Map and Drawing: DGPS/Total station survey (original data of total survey will have to be submitted to establish the authenticity of survey) drawing shall be prepared on AutoCAD and converted to GIS, The data acquisition and processing for base map includes following: – Generation of maps for ground validation survey. The report/Survey drawing shall to prepare in AutoCAD format. The key map/ index map for the complete project shall be made to a scale matching to A0 size paper/ hand friendly size. The detail drawings shall be in 1:200 scale plotted to A3 size paper or size approved by department as well as our Engineer in Charge.
  3. Preparation of set out with grid survey (5m x 5m) for WTP/ identified sites as directed by Client
  4. Preparation of contour map.
  5. Creation of temporary bench mark (TBM) within the project area with respect to the known GTS (Great Trigonometrical Survey) benchmark or benchmark transferred from GTS by departments like PWD, Highways and Railways etc.
  6. All the levels are to be geo-referenced with GPS.
  7. Preparation of L-section for Raw and Clear Water Rising main.